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At the heart of every great vacation is passion – for a new place,a new adventure, even a new way of expressing yourself. It’s about experiencing those exquisite moments that leave you feeling energized, enriched and renewed. And it’s about creating memories that will inspire and delight you for a lifetime. 

Welcome to TURKEY

A country that celebrates passion 

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BURSA Located between 40 degrees longitude and 28-30 degrees latitude at southeast of Marmara Sea, Bursa is Turkey’s 4th largest city with a total provincial population of 2,249,974 according to the results of the Address-Based Population Registration System/Census (ADNKS) in 2009. Bursa province is surrounded by provinces Bilecik and Adapazari at its East, Kocaeli, Yalova, […]


CAPPADOCIA A natural wonderland To venture into Cappadocia is to find oneself suspended in time, surrounded by the enduring artifacts of geography and history. It is this vast and captivating expanse of cliffs, valleys and flatlands where wind, rain and the scalpels of millions of cave dwellers – from prehistory to the present day – carved […]


NEMRUT Doğu ve Batı Medeniyetlerinin, 2150 m. yükseklikte muhteşem bir piramitteki kesişme noktası, Dünyanın sekizinci harikası Nemrut, Yüksekliği on metreyi bulan büyüleyici heykelleri, metrelerce uzunluktaki kitabeleriyle, UNESCO Dünya Kültür Mirasında yer almaktadır. Nemrut Dağı, üzerinde barındırdığı dev heykellerin ve anıt mezarın yanı sıra, dünyanın en muhteşem gündoğumu ve gün batışının seyredilebildiği yer olmasıyla da ilgi […]


Hierapolis modern  Pamukkale  ancient Phrygian city in southwestern Turkey, about 6 miles (10 km) north of the ruins of Laodicea. Situated on the Coruh River, a tributary of the Buyuk Menderes (Maeander) River, it was probably established by Eumenes II of Pergamum in 190 BC. It became a sacred city (hieron), its chief religious festival being […]


KONYA Konya, was known in classical antiquity and during the medieval period as Ἰκόνιον (Ikónion) in Greek (with regular Medieval Greekapheresis Kónio(n)) and as Iconium in Latin. This name is commonly explained as a derivation from εἰκών (icon), as an ancient Greeklegend ascribed its name to the “eikon” (image), or the “gorgon’s (Medusa’s) head”, with […]


SELÇUK A laid-back farming town only two decades ago, SELÇUK has been catapulted into the limelight of premier-league tourism by its proximity to the ruins of Ephesus. The flavour of tourism here, though, is markedly different from that at nearby Kuşadası; its less prestigious inland location, good-value accommodation and ecclesiastical connections (not least, the burial place of St John […]